The Process- Infrared Photography - Blues City Art & Portraiture

Infrared photography is another creative outlet. Infrared (IR) radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation. The wave is longer than light which humans can see and shorter than microwaves. The word infrared means below red. It comes from the Latin word infra (meaning below) and the English word red. (Infrared light has a frequency below the frequency of red light.) Red light has the longest wavelength that human eyes can see. Infrared waves cannot be seen by the eye. In other words, it makes really “cool effects” to trees and clouds.

 I shoot with a converted Canon digital camera. Back in the old days, I shoot with IR film. The comparison between the two is very obvious.  IR film is very grainy and requires extreme special handling. Digital conversion method is expensive, but image is sharp and very gratifying. 

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